These are the only videos I have online. I have about 45 hours of video I still need to wade through, ugh!
I had just bought this new Canon A40 camera and this was the first time ever recording a video I'd ever done with a digtial camera.
context: journal entry 9/24/2002
A typical morning out in the bush, followed by some biking, and an nice sunset in 320x240 glory.
context: journal entry 9/26/2002
Some brush fires in the distance plus a lot of flies. I saw that tree burning off in the distance so I walked up to it and got some video.
context: journal entry 9/27/2002
With Simon whom I had just met. I took a couple clock photos with Simon and then with a girl who was working for the Australian Broadcasting Service. We ended up drinking a bunch of VB beer.
context: journal entry 9/28/2002
A shot of my bike, the beer we drank, and some running cows
context: journal entry 9/29/2002
Misc landscape shots and a rare view up a hill
context: journal entry 9/30/2002
On top of Kelley's knob above Kununurra, plus a dragonfly
context: journal entry 10/1/2002
A quick shot of me and my bike loaded down
context: journal entry 10/2/2002
Biking on the highway and a couple shots of passing road trains at dusk
context: journal entry 10/3/2002
A dog at Doon Doon roadhouse and some more road trains. Met a guy named Grubby and we ended up being friends until this day. There is also an Ani Difranco bit in there too...and more passing road trains.
context: journal entry 10/4/2002
Road trains and cars going through a creek. Grubby and I giving commentary. Flies buzzing around my head.
context: journal entry 10/5/2002
Doing laundry in Hall's Creek. At a roadhouse/gas station with Grubby.
context: journal entry 10/7/2002
Biking with Grubby, finding roadside, uh reading material.
context: journal entry 10/8/2002