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Biking around Australia
Craig Update #8
(sent April 18th, 2003 from Wanaka, New Zealand )

Hello from Wanaka, New Zealand...

Just a quick note to let you all know I got the lunky.com travel site updated a few days ago with luscious pictures of New Zealand.

I stayed in Melbourne with Steve, Katrina, and their cat Rufus. It was nice staying at their house. They feed me yummy homeade food and shoed the boy with no shoes on his feet. (Jim S, this is a Steve Miller reference). I found a great Speak and Spell emulator and was having fun annoying Steve with it. He got me back by asking me if I'd ever heard that horrible 80's song "What about Me?" I think he won because that song still pops into my head every couple of days.
Steve and Katrina have all these wonderful books and I had a nice time reading and looking through them. Because they have so many, it is going to take them a long long time to find the thank you present I left stashed amoungst their books. Maybe they'll find it before their soon-to-be-born daughter is old enough to be saying stuff like "like, Dad, your music is like, so uncool!"
Lucky for Steve and Katrina though, I left a photo clue on the recently updated lunky.com travel site that might reduce their search time to a few minutes instead of a few years. (remember how busy I was the last couple days I was in Melbourne...cough cough)

I left Melbourne on March 31st. I was going to fly out that morning but got to the counter and realized I'd forgotten (93% my fault for forgetting) to pick up the tickets. I flew out that night instead and had to sleep in the Auckland, NZ airport instead. Rolled into Christchurch in the morning. Got out into the lobby and saw 100 pretty girls all craning their necks towards a tall guy with red hair holding a sign that read "Craig". Turns out it was the guy from the infamous 10:48pm picture on the humanclock.com site, my old roommate MCQ!

New Zealand is pretty nice. I saw more scenery change in four hours than I did in three months of outback Australia. Everyone here is really nice. Over the past month I've received a decent amount of NZ travel tips from people I'd met in Austrlia. Places to see, places to stay, and in one instance, specific names of girls to avoid. MCQ and I have spent the last week here in Wanaka. We've been at this little place called the Treehouse run by this funny artist guy named Robin. We've been doing odd jobs around here....changing the roof on the garage and ripping cabinents apart. I think MCQ and I are leaving today to head towards Doubtful sound and go sea kayaking. I've been leaving all the travel decisions to him. After a year of constantly planning stuff in Australia by myself, it is nice to have someone else make decisions for once.

Anyway, hope all is well with all of you. I'm still working my way though my email...so you should be hearing from me at some point.

Take care,

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