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Craig Update #6
(sent January 24th, 2003 from Esperance, Western Australia )

ummm, hi!

First of I'm sorry about all the snafus with the email list, obviously you all see the importance of not using "reply all". Several people were annoyed with all the extra email they were receving and I'm now trying to get all the damaged repaired. (though, thank you mucho Nadia...you are so sweet! Ain't she sweet? I wasn't keeping a journal during the time I was in Perth so I forgot a few important details, yikes. So consider her email part of Update #5)

I'm only checking my email every 7-10 days so I didn't find out about he out of control fire buring on this email list until a few days ago. I happened to pop into the nice little town of Hopetoun and decided to download my email so I could read it that evening. I did that and with the remaining time I started to read the lunky.com email I'd received. Well...as you know, there happened to be an email message from some (insert your favorite naughty noun here) who was offering "Life Coaching" along with an inspirational religious writing that looked like it was lifted from a poster with a picture of a guy free climbing up a vertical rock face. I do not know this individual personally, he was just someone who emailed me though the travel site saying he enjoyed the site and wanted to be on the email list. Sooo...since his phone number was on the email, I decided to call him up regardless of the time difference and give him some unsolicited life coaching of my own. From a third person point of view, it must have looked pretty funny to be in this tiny town with a dirty cyclist really losing it in a phone booth. As the X song goes...I gave him the once over twice. This guy didn't really think his message was considered "SPAM" because he thought you all might have had a genuine interest in his message. Yeah, but the people at http://www.totallyhotthreeheadednakedfarmgirlswhoteachlinearalgebra.com think the same thing also. Anyway, by the end of the two minute conversation I was really losing it and screaming into the phone at him. I felt totally used. I found it a bit funny that he uses a stolen email list to promote his religion and message. I think a couple of you on this list might have called him already, because he didn't seem that suprised to be hearing from me. (thanks if you did call him). I was irked for a good day and a half. The ride into Esperance was one of the worst of the trip. Rode for 8 straight hours into a nasty hea! dwind in a foul mood, and I had to eat was dry oatmeal and dehydrated peas. (and they weren't even premium name-brand ones either). I'm in Esperance now and have calmed down considerably. Leaving today for the big 1,000 mile push across the Nullabor. No towns, just glorified gas stations...been looking forward to it for a couple years now.

Ok, I'll end this with happy stuff. I passed the 10,000 mile mark the other day. I actually passed it a day earlier but didn't realize it since I was doing the km->mi conversion wrong. I celebrated at a small pub in Ongerup, Western Australia, population 120. Spent the night talking with some sheep shearers and had a grand old time.

Oh, and the Bunbury turds that threw something at me?..check out the bottom of this email. I got the last word in on that one...heh.

Again, sorry about all the mayhem on with this list...

take care,

forwarded message:

Mr Giffen

I have investigated the complaint made by you concerning the object
thrown from Toyota Tarago ******. The driver at the time was a 17 year
old youth who is the son of the vehicle owner.

It would appear that it was one of his passengers that threw the object
from the car and it is unclear as to which of the 4 passengers was
responsible. The owner of the vehicle is most upset about this incident
and as a result he has taken the steps of not allowing his son to drive
the vehicle without an adult present until he proves himself and
associates more responsible. The driver has been warned re his
passenger conduct and driving.

I hope that this incident did not spoil your stay in Bunbury.

Mark Smith
Senior Constable 6319
South West District Traffic Office

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