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September 8th, 2002

Pine Creek to Hayes Creek, NT
57.7 km (35.8 mi)

Played more Othello then biked north up to Hayes Creek. Got two flats before Emerald Springs, argh. The heat makes some of the patches fall apart. Can't wait to get new tubes and throw these away.

Stopped in Hayes Creek for the night. They grew vegetables here for the military during WWII. Was a nice night there, complete with the loud hum of the electrical generator for the pub.


Pine Creek, NT

yay, I won!, wait, I think I lost this game

Pine Creek, NT

Pine Creek, NT

n of Pine Creek, NT

environmentally sensitive termites, they saved the tree and built around it

Emerald Springs, NT

"a block", sounds like a prison

Emerald Springs, NT

Hayes Creek, NT

where we are now. Someone added a rock on the ground for Tasmania

Hayes Creek, NT

another othello game...


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