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September 6th, 2002

Katherine to Pine Creek, NT
93.17 km (57.8 mi)

Today we biked up to Pine Creek. Pretty uneventful ride for the most part, did see a whirly whirl tornado thingy. Kinda cool when it would go over burnt ground and whip up a bunch of black dirt.

Computer is acting screwy so I mailed it off today. (ok, I'm obviously writing this in the present tense when it should be in the past tense, for now let's just pretend that I have 4,000 mile long arms and can type on the computer at the repair center in Sydney)

Didn't leave town until late afternoon, so we rolled into Pine Creek at dark. Everyplace was full, but ended up at a caravan park behind a bar...playing all the hits of the 80's and 90's and today!


Katherine, NT


Katherine, NT


Katherine, NT

Maree being naughty with her bike in a no biking zone

Katherine, NT

some guy gave me this chick publication right after the last photo was taken

n of Katherine, NT

Alice Springs to Darwin railway that is going in

n of Katherine, NT

dig that sunscreen

n of Katherine, NT

I thought Bono was a people's person, but what's he doing tagging innocent rocks?

n of Katherine, NT

whirly whirl


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