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September 21st, 2002

n of Hayes Creek to 25k s of Pine Creek
112.74 km (69.9 mi)

Was about 30k to Hayes Creek. Last night I thought about pushing it to Hayes Creek and having a beer on a Friday night there...but I think I would have been pretty tired by then.

Couldn't get Toto's "Hold the Line" and "Spies like Us" out of my head, argh! Since I didn't have my computer at this point I couldn't change the tunes in my mp3 player, same Zeppelin and Pearl Jam songs...with two Minutemen ones thrown in for good measure. Still better than having to listen to the Indigo Girls "Closer to Fine" though. ugh.

Got to Pine Creek and went to the yummy cafe again. They had some books there, including a 1978-79 edition of "traveling Australia on $15 a day"

Camera is starting to mess up, argh.


n of Hayes Creek, NT

n of Hayes Creek, NT

Wonder if they got a multiple quantity discount on the "o"'s

Hayes Creek, NT

Hayes Creek Roadhouse

Hayes Creek, NT

aw, the water buffalo is gone

Hayes Creek, NT

at least they have air conditioning

Hayes Creek, NT

Hayes Creek, NT

"sellouts" ha ha

Hayes Creek, NT

You'd think Apple Computer would keep Steve busy, but no, he has to go out tagging signs.


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