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August 2nd, 2002

Mossman to Cairns
78 km (48.4 mi)

Today was a nice ride into Cairns. Feeling a little sluggish though due to my cold, so it seemed to be a long 78k into Cairns. Was nice to see the beach again. The road was a lot like the Pacific Coast Highway in the US, where the highway is right next to the beach. Saw a bush fire today right next to the road, that was pretty unusual. It was pretty hot riding around it. Don't know how it started. Time for a week of scuba diving! Hope my cold gets better.


Mossman, QLD

Only motel in Queensland where you can see Demi Moore

Craiglie, QLD


s of Craiglie, QLD

s of Craiglie, QLD

s of Craiglie, QLD

Yule Point, QLD

Yule Point, QLD

near Oak Beach, QLD

If you remove pebbles from Pebbly Beach, it won't be Pebbly anymore


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