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August 19th, 2002

Normanton to 120k e of Burketown
99 km (61.4 mi)

Could hardly sleep at all last night. Tent was really hot and people on the street were noisy. Seemed to be a fight or argument going on. That said, I didn't get up and going until about 7:30am. Picked up a couple things from the store and got moving. Had a real hard time getting motivated, think it was the lack of sleep and my bad breakfast...cookies.

Got to Burke and Wills camp #119 and made some lunch and took a nap. This is the last camp that Burke and Wills made on their expiedition to the Gulf. They died on the way back. I felt a lot better after laying down for awhile and mozeyed down the road.

The ride was pretty normal today, bike handled alright. Got one snakebite flat on some hard ruts. Found a place to camp in the trees. Had been listening to public radio (only station out here) and they mentioned about Australians fire fighting in Oregon. I kept the radio on for the story, it was kind of wierd to hear them talk about the Siskiyou National Forest and such.

Might make it to Burketown tomorrow, might not.


Normanton, QLD

now with 17L of water!

Normanton, QLD

looks like the birds also have a Monday morning social hour near the coffeeshop also

Normanton, QLD

Normanton, QLD

couldn't find the candlestick maker

Normanton, QLD

Normanton, QLD

Normanton, QLD

The big barra!

Normanton, QLD

This girl/guy tagged along for awhile


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