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August 17th, 2002

40k w of Croydon to Normanton, QLD
135 km (83.7 mi)

Woke up this morning and the confluence had moved a few meters. Took the photos for the website and shoved off through the bush. Didn't get back on the highway till about 9:30am, which is kind of a late start. I like getting early starts because the spirits are better and you have a better feeling of accomplishment knowing that you have a fair amount of distance in by midday.

Ride was pretty uneventful, except for the fact of the flies. Flies everywhere! I only stopped twice the entire day, once at the Blackbull railway siding and another time up the road. The second time I stopped I made some lunch but the flies attacked me and my food. I kept on pushing to Normanton, figuring I'd get there around 5:30pm. Most people would wave at me which was nice. This stretch of road must be incredibly boring to drive in a car. So seeing a guy on a bike must be a nice change.

Got into Normanton around 5:30pm. Met some aboriginal kids on the street, they were on bikes asking me about my bike. One kid had on a Utah Jazz singlet. I pointed it out to him, he just asked me what "Utah" was.

Was very tired so I just checked into a motel. The woman pointed me where to go. She told me to watch out for the dog, "since he will bite." When I walked past the dog he would lunge out at me and his chain would stop him and his body would swing around.

Going to take tomorrow off...body needs a day off.


40k w of Croydon

18S 147E

40k w of Croydon

40k w of Croydon

confluence area

40k w of Croydon

40k w of Croydon

riding through the bush

40k w of Croydon

cattle station access road that I took to get to the confluence point

40k w of Croydon

40k w of Croydon

back on the highway


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