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July 3rd, 2002

Gladstone to Rockhampton, QLD
118.52 km (73.5 mi)

Headed out of Gladstone and on up to Rockhampton. Was listening to the radio and they said there was a small chance Steve Fawcett the round the world balloon guy might land near Rockhampton....I was thinking that would be a little funny if he landed somewhere near me.

Day was pretty uneventful overall. I passed 23.5 degrees south and couldn't figure out where the Tropic of Capricorn. Dunno if the GPS was off or what, because I passed the offical spot a good ways down...right next to the visitors center. Oh well.

Was very tired when I pulled into the hostel. I found my room and went in. There was a guy and a girl cuddled together on one is the LAST thing I wanted to think about after a long day of biking.


Gladstone, QLD

near Yarwin, QLD

coal train

near Yarwin, QLD

near Yarwin, QLD

Oversize is a modest description of how big this was

near Yarwin, QLD

near Yarwin, QLD


s of Rockhampton, QLD

s of Rockhampton, QLD

ha ha, those horses have funny coats


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