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July 21st, 2002

Gordenvale to Cairns
32 km (19.8 mi)

Woke up and had breakfast with Flo and Bernie. They stayed around and I took off sometime later towards Cairns.

Got to Carins, took awhile to find the hostel since the street addresses didn't run in an ordered fashion. Got there and they only had three of my four packages...excellent. The YHA was booked up so I went in search of somewhere else to stay.

Went to the bikeshop, the only one open on a Sunday I might add, and changed a couple of more chain skipping.

Ended up finding a cool backpackers place called Asylum backpackers. Two of the kids here even ended up in clock photos. They gave out coupons for free meals at a restaurant downtown. That was a little funny, the restaurant kinda herded in people, they basically ate in a hurry, and hearded back out.

Probably going to stay a few days here and then head up to Cooktown and back. I guess spooky stuff happens up in the Black Mountains to the north of here...the natives don't go there.


Gordonvale, QLD

campsite from last night

Gordonvale, QLD to the sewer plant

Gordonvale, QLD

they are from Austria

Gordonvale, QLD

nice tile work

Gordonvale, QLD

popular Australian phrase

Gordonvale, QLD

Gordonvale, QLD

my friend Bruce's favorite highway

Cairns, QLD


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