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July 2nd, 2002

Lowmead to Gladstone, QLD
127.1 km (78.8 mi)

turned 29 today...first birthday away from the Pacific Time Zone. Mike at the Lowmead Hotel gave me a bottle of wine for my birthday.

It was a nice ride up the dirt road, a lot more interesting than the highway. Took a lot of different photos along the way. Passed a couple of construction guys. They waved to me and asked how it was going. I talked to them awhile and ended up getting a clock picture. People sure are nice up here in Queensland. After the construction guys drove off, a landcruiser pulled up. I had to do a doubletake on the driver, since he looked about ten years old. I waved to him and he looked at me awhile, then turned around and drove off. Reminded me of Short Round from the Indiana Jones movie.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful since I was on the main highway. Decided I needed to see a movie for my birthday so I made a side trip into Gladstone. Months ago I thought I'd be spending my birthday in the middle of the desert south of Darwin, but instead I'm in the industrial town of Gladstone. Went to an all you can eat chinese food place, then went and saw Star Wars.

Actually writing this the on the 3rd in the motel room. Yhere is some kids show on called High Five and the little songs are getting stuck in my head. The songs are of Backstreet Boys quality, argh! Off to Rockhamptom today.


Lowmead, QLD

Lowmead, QLD

wow, four extra tires!

Lowmead, QLD

this dog was roughly the same size as me

Lowmead, QLD

Lowmead, QLD

Lowmead, QLD

pretty much downtown Lowmead.

Lowmead, QLD

Lowmead, QLD


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