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July 16th, 2003

Los Angeles, California, USA
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another busy fun filled day in LA. (that rhymed!) Sara and Riley drove me to the YMCA for Riley's swimming lesson and play group. We get to the YMCA and the training pool is closed. Sara was bummmed and Riley acted indifferent to the matter. While they were at play group I walked to the Wednesday street markt in Santa Monica. It is about three bloocks that are closed off and vendors set up stalls with produce and crafts. I had to get back to meet up with Sara. I'm jumping ahead here but about three hours later a guy in a car went plowing though the market killing around 10 people and injuring another 50. The market wasn't even that big, it was just about three blocks closed off. It creeped me about a good deal.

Sara and Riley drove me to the market where they have a good deli. The really cool thing is I went to the coffee area, handed the girl my mug and asked her for coffee. She said words that made my heart flutter, "room for cream". Tearfully I replied "yes, please". You see, drip/french pressed coffee is really hard to come by in Australia/New Zealand. I paid my dollar and was off.

We drove to Greg and Phoebe's in around noon. We found the house. Sara was a bit excited cause she had never seen Echo Park before and finally got to see it We found Greg and Phoebe's house. I hadn't seen Phoebe for over two years, since then she'd gotten married to Greg. I missed the wedding though since I was slogging it though Tasmania at the time. I said goodbye to Sara and Riley.

Phoebe and Greg and I all talked for awhile. Later that evening they took me out for proper mexican food and cheap maragritas. We at and drank, talkin aobut everything. Greg has a record label called Bomp!, so Greg and I talked music for awhile. Later we went to the Bomp! warehouse and I got to have a look around. I got clock pics of Greg and Phoebe, then Phoebe got a clock title photo with me holding up an Iggy Pop/Stooges record that he released awhile back.

After drinks at another place we headed back to the house. I went to go to sleep around midnight, but Greg has a nice collection of rock and roll books, so I spent another three hours reading the book about Creation records. I was mostly interested in the whole part about My Bloody Valentine bankrupting the label. Tomorrow I go to Portland and get to see everybody!


Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California

Santa Monica street market about 3 hours before that guy drove though it and killed all those people

Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

going to Phoebe and Greg's

Los Angeles, California

how LA

Los Angeles, California


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