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June 3rd, 2002

Forester to Lake Cathie
104.5 km (64.8 mi)

I think somewhere along the line I'm going to get paid back for having my stuff all over the hostel room...drying it out. There was only one other guy in the room fortunately.

Had a pretty nice day of riding, nothing totally exciting happening. I reached the small town of Lake Cathie before dark. There wasn't any real place to stay there, but it was close to the beach. I rode of the road (ha ha, that rhymes) a bit and pushed my way through some burnt brush. Found a spot where I could put out my sleeping bag. Looks a little iffy as to if it is going to rain again or not, but I really don't feel like setting up my tent. Had dinner down on the beach and read the newspaper....that was pretty nice. Much better than a hostel or a caravan park.


Forester YHA, NSW

people from the US who have visited the hostel

Forester YHA, NSW

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Forester YHA

all my crap

Tuncurry, NSW

Tuncurry, NSW

$1.40 Australian

Tuncurry, NSW

Tuncurry, NSW

look, it goes up in price!

Tuncurry, NSW


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