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June 27th, 2002

Rainbow Bay to Maryborough
106 km (65.7 mi)

I thought today was going to be pretty unusual, but it ended up being pretty regular.

My tire didn't look that good at all so I lined it with some more money...literally throwing money at the problem. I had stopped at a gas station to clean sand out my shifter. A guy walked over and stared at my tire...saying it was one of the oddest things he had ever seen. This was the first time I had ever actually used money to fix a blowout. I had heard it could be actually works. Much like the time on the PCT when I didn't have my stuff with me for one night and had to use newspaper for a blanket.

I mailed some stuff out and didn't get out of town until 11:00am or so, bike making a click click click noise as the money kept hitting the fork. About 3k from town I heard a click click click rub rub rub...kaboom! The tube and blown apart, taking with it Henry Parks and Catherine Helen Spence...the two people on an Australian Five Dollar note.

I figured I'd probably have to ditch the bike in town and hitchhike to Gympie to get more tires. I tried my small tire once more and managed to get it working without the tube blowing.

After that the rest of the day was pretty uneventful sans stopping at a fruit stand for a lunch of green grapes. The rest of the ride was through state forest, which was basically tree farms. Everything was straight, the trees, the rows that the trees were in, the roads inbetween the trees, and the highway I was on. Had to have gone about 10-15 miles before I even turned at one point.

Rolled into Maryborough about 5:30pm. Missed the bike shop by about 30 minutes. Found the caravan park and the woman suggested I go to the Royal Hotel, since they had a $5.50 all you can eat. The food was food and that is about it.


Rainbow Beach, QLD

the wall of shame. Photos of people who tried driving around the rocks near high tide

Rainbow Beach, QLD

Rainbow Beach, QLD

Rainbow Beach, QLD

Rainbow Beach, QLD

Rainbow Beach, QLD

Rainbow Beach, QLD

throwing money at the blowout

Rainbow Beach, QLD


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