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June 26th, 2003

Havelock to Wellington, NZ
40 km (24.9 mi)

I'm writing this a few days later, but today was techically probably the last day riding of the trip.

Had a nice ride into Picton, met another touring biker on the way in. We both thought it was a little funny to be seeing each other at this time of year.

Got to Picton, tried calling the friend of a guy I took a clock pic of in Nelson, but none of the payphones are coin!, and you need a special phone card for it. Argh. The boat ride was nice, read a good chunk of the Scully Bio on Apple along the way.

Got to Wellington and proceeded to go on a wild goose chase for 90 minutes. Eventually I found the visitors center and where I needed to go...but Wellington isn't laid out in a grid so I ended walking in a giant "S'.

Found the hostel and did the four-trip load in. Gonna be here for a few days at least.


Havelock, New Zealand

Havelock, New Zealand

rye toast and vegemite!

Havelock, New Zealand

Havelock, New Zealand

foggy notion

Havelock, New Zealand

Havelock, New Zealand

Havelock, New Zealand

e of Havelock, New Zealand


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