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June 19th, 2002

around Brisbane, QLD
0 km (0.0 mi)

Hung out around the house today writing up stuff for the travel site and then Simona and I went out for a drink. The jazz band looked very professional and snooty, yet they were all reading the music off of cheat sheets as they played.


Simona's Veranda, Brisbane, QLD

Brisbane, QLD

Used to be brewed by a brewery in South Australia, then they got sued by you know who, Barney from the Simpsons.

Brisbane, QLD

Simona used to have two cans until someone drank one at a party by accident. Using simple mathematics, we can conclude that this is her only Duff beer right now.

Bribane, QLD

new car!

Bribane, QLD

the oncoming car was one of those cars with the bouncy shocks that just drive women nuts

Bribane, QLD


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