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June 15th, 2002

Byron Bay, NSW
0 km (0.0 mi)

Was going to do a half day today since I er, woke up hungover. I ended up deciding to just stay and get the travel site online instead. I moved out of the teepee and into a tent site. The whole back of the hostel is a tent city with it's own kitchen and stuff. It almost feels like shakedown street at a Dead show again, except nobody is walking around asking for spare change.

Went into town and uploaded the last of the travel site. Ended up doing a bunch of email and stuff. When I went to pay he couldn't find me on the list...because I had been there for seven hours with the last three hours in desparate need to tinkle. The guy at the net place found out what I was doing with the clock site and wanted to be in a clock photo.

Back at the Arts Factory hostel now and the girl next to me is trying to play Cat Stevens on her guitar. I miss my guitar, even though I can't really play anything. The rest of the hostel is watching TV, kinda boring. Much like what would happen if I kept writing now, so I'm gonna go to bed.


Byron Bay, NSW

crap load out

Byron Bay, NSW

at the hostel

Byron Bay, NSW

cooking dinner at the outdoor kitchen

Byron Bay, NSW

real food for a change, rice noodles, tofu and veggies.

Byron Bay, NSW

this is the first place that the sun touches on mainland Australia



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