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June 12th, 2002

Grafton to Casino
103.4 km (64.1 mi)

Hmm, I was going to say that nothing really interesting today but the funniest thing just happened. I'm sitting at a picnic table in the local park near the highway. I heard a car stereo playing really loud, but it sounded a bit different. I saw an old black and white police car with a big star painted on the door. I thought "Blues Brothers". On top of the car was this old PA speaker than ran the whole width of the car. Blaring out of it was Cab Calloway's "Hi de hi de hi de hi, ho de ho de ho de ho" song....straight out of the Blues Brothers.

Other than what just happened, it was a pretty average day. Ate too many cookies and I think that wiped my motivation towards the end. I did take pictures of the bathroom in Whiporie, so at least I would have a few "different" photos for the day. Byron Bay tomorrow, where the cleats and shifters Kevin mailed me are a-waiting.


Koolkhan, NSW

Ghengis' much more hip brother

near Grafton, NSW

north of Grafton, NSW

north of Grafton, NSW

Whiporie, NSW

means "windy place"

Whiporie, NSW

Whiporie, NSW

needed some interesting photos to spice things up a bit

Whiporie, NSW


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