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June 1st, 2003

Haast to 3km north of Jacobs River
88 km (54.7 mi)

Didn't get rained on today. Took awhile to get out of the hostel. Had a long talk with Susan there about outback Australia. Right as I pulled onto the road was a guy and a young kid hitchhiking north. Got to talking to them, and a clock photo!

The day was pretty uneventful, a lot of up and down. I did get to see the ocean for the first time since I got to New Zealand.

At some moments I felt like sitting on my butt, other times I was glad I was riding. Seems that the 1-4pm is my least productive/enthusiastic part of the day. As I was climbing one of the hills, one of the backpacker busses went past me. I couldn't see anyone inside until the last moment when I saw someone clapping in the window.

Lotsa motorcycles been going by me in the last few days too. It was dark when I pulled into the motel here. Only 18 bucks for a cabin, plus they had cookies for sale. (eaten half the package already). Not a whole lot of reading material here. There was a readers digest here, but it was a bit annoying after awhile at how short everything was. I mean, the entire NZ leg of this trip could be described in the above paragraphs. Going to go to Franz Joseph glacier tomorrow. Another backpackerish type town. Might take a day off there, knee hurts a bit. Oh yeah, when I went to pay I found out my credit card expired. I knew that it was going to expire, but the month off in Wanaka threw things off mentally for me.


Haast, New Zealand

they were hitchhiking north (I had to have them turn around due to the sun position. We didn't suddenenly jump to North America or anything)

Haast, New Zealand

Haast, New Zealand

crossing the big river

n of Haast, New Zealand


n of Haast, New Zealand

n of Haast, New Zealand

n of Haast, New Zealand

ahh, finally I have a picture for all of you. This is known as "The Big Green Fuktruck". (oops, I forgot the
"c" there). These busses run all over NZ (and Australia as Oz Experience). Loads of young adults travelling, flirting and whatnot. Kind of a meat market on wheels.

n of Haast, New Zealand


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