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May 31st, 2003

Makarora to Haast
82 km (51.0 mi)

It was a pretty nice ride today. I got stood up last night. I was gonna catch a ride with this dude at the caravan park 4km down the road to the bar for a beer. He had to go pick up some friends up the road and said he'd be back in 30-60 minutes. I ended up just reading the Dalai Lama autobio until about 9pm, then got tired so I went to bed.

Cruised out of Makarora and started climbing up the pass. Found a Toni Childs CD on the road. I stashed it in the gutter and saved the gps I can use it as a running joke. (for what I dunno). Been finding a lot of spent shotgun shells on on the side of the road, dont' know what that is about.

Got to the top of Haast Pass. Couldn't really stay long cause the sandflies were biting the crap out of me. For the first time ever the GPS altitude matched the sign altutde, usually they are a bit off. An old car passed me with the license plate "MCGIV0R", ha ha.

It was a nice ride on the other side of the pass. Very green, lots of waterfalls and canyons. There were some pretty amazing litle waterfalls that would probably missed driving by in a car. One of them is probably missed by all the cars, but it was this waterfall shoved into a deep crack probably only about three feet wide. Saw a pizza box for an unnamed pizza company in the gutter, mmm, pizza. What a better way to advertise your business than litter.

Got into Haast and went to the store. The store didn't have good vibe, too many "don't" signs. (no bags please, 20 min purchase for credit card on groceries, on alcohol!). Stayed at the backpackers next door. Lots of tabliod magazines here. Brittney has a new hair doo and Kylie seems to be liking that Oliver dude.


Makarora, NZ

these sheep came munching threw my campsite this morning

Makarora, NZ

Makarora, NZ

n of Makarora, NZ

n of Makarora, NZ

free CD in the guardrail near Cameroon Creek if anyone wants it!

n of Makarora, NZ

n of Makarora, NZ

Robinson creek, this was cool!

n of Makarora, NZ



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