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April 7th, 2003

Fairlie to Lake Tekapo
45.14 km (28.0 mi)

Met a guy from the US this morning. He was from Park City, Utah, down here just travelling around...seemed to be having a good three weeks. MCQ went up to the store and I finished breakfast. Said goodbye to Bernard at the holiday park....nice folks there. (thanks again if you guys are reading this!). Made our way out of town and headed west. Had to put the raingear back on, other than that the ride was nice and uneventful. In Burke's Pass there was a large St Berndard, roughtly the size of a C-5 galaxy plane. I wanted to take a picture but there were a couple women standing by it so I didn't.

A van passed me and the guy leaned out the window and yelled something at me. People, if you wish to hurl insults/obscenities at people on bikes, you must slow down to a speed where the trajectory of your voice won't land in the bushes 10 feet ahead of the target.

Discovered that the plastic reflector posts are great for bending back and launching pieces of gravel catapult like at MCQ, got some great video of it.

We got into Lake Tekapo, it was starting to get pretty cold. Went to the hostel and got sorted there. Couldn't really find anything good at the store to eat, so I had a dinner of plain rice, tomatoes, and baked beans.

Been reading the book "Fast Food Nation", quite an interesting read. Almost a third of the way though it. Tomorrow I dunno if it is going to be a long day or short day...MCQ is dishing out the plans for the most part. After a year of planning and daily decision making in Australia, it is kind of nice to have someone else do the driving so to speak. Oh yeah, MCQ and I played five games of Yahtzee, I won three, but he won in overall point total. (in case you were wondering...)


Fairlie, NZ

Fairlie, NZ

just a single gumboot all by herself

w of Fairlie, NZ

w of Fairlie, NZ

w of Fairlie, NZ

Burke's Pass, NZ

e of Lake Tekapo, NZ

just ranomly found this cardboard, instant clock photo

e of Lake Tekapo, NZ

Not a full shot, but I was dressed all in black, almost this American Ninja sorta thing


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