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April 6th, 2003

Fairlie, NZ
0 km (0.0 mi)

Woke up around 10am today. It was raining. We decided last night to just take today off so doing much of anything wasn't a priority. The owners of the holiday park are really nice and friendly. They even have a food composting bin.

Spent most of the day finishing up the Woodward and Bernstein book, then gettin the travel site up to date. Found an old Rolling Stone magazine, that Pia girl from the Garage Days movie is purdy.


Fairlie, NZ

chillin in the chilly room

Fairlie, NZ

working on the clock site

Fairlie, NZ

Fairlie, NZ

we did actually leave the room despite what the pictures show, I went up to the store and hung out in the kitchen a lot too


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