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April 5th, 2003

Geraldine to Fairlie, NZ
49.29 km (30.6 mi)

MCQ and I left the caravan park around 10:30am. Went into town to the bakery. I waited around to use the internet, needed to get my health insurance stuff taken care of. Waited and waiting for this kid to finish. Finally he that sorted. It wasn't till about 12:30pm that MCQ and I got going out of town. Somewhere we ended up splitting up. I had to stop and put on my raingear, yes, I kid you not, I had to put on raingear for the first time in about 7 months. I farted around awhile and took my time getting to Fairlie. Got there and didn't see MCQ, but figured he'd already booked us into a cabin at the holiday park..sure enough he did. Got cleaned up and read for awhile.

We made our way into town and got takeway food that took a long time to well, get to the point of being able to take it away. Went to one pub, it was kinda quiet. Had a jug of beer there an then went to the noisier pub. Had a few more jugs there. Met these dudes who where there and they had won their rugby game. Got the whole info on Rugby, go for the face when the dude is on the ground. Even got to see the mean looking spiky shoes and stuff. Ended up going back to the other pub and met up with everyone else. Looks like MCQ and I ended up beating his and Knutson's record of five jugs in one night.


Geraldine, NZ

where we camped

Geraldine, NZ

Geraldine, NZ


Geraldine, NZ

It's 11:42am...

Geraldine, NZ

...and we haven't even gone a km yet!

Geraldine, NZ

Geraldine, NZ

s of Geraldine, NZ

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