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April 4th, 2003

Rakaia Gorge to Geraline, NZ
86.86 km (54.0 mi)

Woke up to a really pretty sunrise, took a few pictures, then back to sleep for another three hours. I think all that coffee and wild night of reading did me in for this morning.

MCQ and I headed out around 11:00am and straight up out of the gorge. Was a pretty uneventful ride for most of the day. Stopped at the pub in Mt. Sommers for fish and chips (prefaced by a plate of nachos). The nachos were pretty much a bag of nacho cheese doritos with chili dumped on top, then some cheese and sour cream. Went to the general store and had ice cream despite the fact that it was a bit chilly outside.

Pushed it pretty good today, my pace is a lot faster here mostly since I have someone to ride with and I'm only carrying about 4 tons of crap instead of 5.

Talked with a few people here at the caravan park. Met a nice couple from the UK that had been in Australia...and I got the "you crossed the nullabor!" conversation, I guess I didn't get to leave that behind in Australia after all.

Tonight is Friday night but MCQ and I are feeling a bit like tired losers and just want to read our books and go to sleep.


Rakaia Gorge, NZ

Rakaia Gorge, NZ

Rakaia Gorge, NZ

the bikes at sunrise

Rakaia Gorge, NZ

Rakaia Gorge, NZ

Rakaia Gorge, NZ

Rakaia Gorge, NZ

s of Mt Hutt, NZ


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