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April 3rd, 2003

Christchurch to some gorge that starts with an
92.8 km (57.7 mi)

"Couldn't be bothered writing last night, got to sucked into the Woodward and Bernstein now it is morning, mcq is watercoloring and now peeling an orange...anyway.

MCQ and I rolled out of the holiday park around 10am. Well, we left the cabin around 10am. We biked about 25 meters to the playgound area. This was probably the coolest playground area I've ever seen, much better than anything in the US. Lots of cool things to fall off of and get poked by. The liability laws are much different than in the US, here it seems to be if you get hurt it is your own damn fault. We spent a good 20 minutes here and then headed out.

Had a nice ride thoughout the day. Clipped along at a good 20km/hr+. I unloaded a bunch of stuff in Melbourne so my bike is a bit lighter now, only weighs about as much as a tank rather than an aircraft carrier.

We stopped in Dairfield for lunch. I made up a bunch of pasta and finished it off with two scoops of ice cream. We continued on. It is starting to get a bit more mountainy and stuff now. Funny, there was more scenery change in four hours here than two months in outback Australia.

Camped at a "wilderness" camp on the river. There are toilets, running water, nice green mowed grass, and a bazillion RV's all parked looking over the river. I haven't seen so many RV's in a long time, Australia doesn't have them, just the 5th wheel caravan thingys. Tomorrow should be an easy day for the most part.

I like it here in New Zealand, people are nice, it is green, and ice cream is cheap.


Christchurch, NZ

leaving the cabin

Christchurch, NZ

Christchurch, NZ

in that cool playground

Christchurch, NZ

Christchurch, NZ

Christchurch, NZ

Christchurch, NZ

Christchurch, NZ

wow, an elephant climby thing


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