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April 28th, 2003

Te Anau to Mavora Lakes
72 km (44.7 mi)

All the sandfly bites seemed to come to a peak at about 3am, cause I was itching like crazy.

We rolled out of the hostel about 10:30am. MCQ had left this bike hood thing he didn't want behind at the hostel. After MCQ had left I was packing up the bike out front. A guy came running out to say that we had left this in the room...the thing MCQ left behind. I thanked him to keep him feeling good samaritiny and stashed it in my stuff. We hung around town a little...saw the Yukon Girls from the hostel in town and I got a clock photo with them (hi!). Rolling out of town we ran into Fi from the kayak trip and said hi to her.

Ride was pretty normal today. A good chunk of the ride is on this gravel road that cuts over the mountains back towards Queenstown. I passed a guy herding some very large steers (size of a small tank) with his quadrunner. The steers would cut off track and he'd make a noise and the dogs on the trailer would be jump off and chase after the cows.

I caught back up to MCQ and we continued on. Saw a crop dusting plane land, reload, and take back off. Awhile later the plane flew right over us and we waved. The pilot tipped the wings of the plane to wave back. I told MCQ it was kinda cool getting waved at by a carload of cute girls and a crop dusting plane in the same day. The cool thing about this is that you don't get waved at by carloads of cute girls everyday.

We got near the Mavora likes and all of the sudden everything was trees, just like back home. I caught up to MCQ and we both said the same thing about how it looked just like back home. Ran into a guy who was walking out, he and his buddy had wrecked/buggered their 4wd way up the road and he was walking until he could get mobile phone coverage.

Tomorrow MCQ and I go to Queenstown, gotta take the ferry back across the lake.


Te Anau, NZ

leaving the hostel

Te Anau, NZ

Get this...

Two Canadians standing in New Zealand, holding a picture of two Australians

e of Te Anau, NZ

e of Te Anau, NZ

we are sheep

e of Te Anau, NZ

ne of Te Anau, NZ

ne of Te Anau, NZ

ne of Te Anau, NZ

moving cows


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