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April 26th, 2003

Doubtful Sound, NZ
0 km (0.0 mi)

I didn't have the laptop with me on this part of the trip so the pictures will be doing the talking today.

We were up early and had a nice ride out to Doubtful Sound. You have to first take a boat across a lake, then go on this road for awhile to get to the launching point for the kayaks. On the boatride there were two guys who were going out for several days. MCQ and one of the guys started talking, turns out he was from Olympia, Washington. I looked at him and asked if I had taken a picture of him in Wanaka. He said "yeah!", and that I looked familiar but he couldn't place me. Funny world we live in.

The whole day was great, neat, and fun. The mountains just rise up out of the water...this is a fjord I guess so that is supposed to happen. (glaciers carving and stuff like that)

At camp there was a bug shelter there, which was good...cause the sandflies were a bit bad.


Te Anau, NZ

ugh, 6:15 in the morning

Manapori, NZ

on Lake Manapori, NZ

on Lake Manapori, NZ

on Lake Manapori, NZ

on Lake Manapori, NZ

power lines?

on Lake Manapori, NZ

and a power plant in a national park

Lake Manapori, NZ

these guys can rip roofs apart


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