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April 13th, 2003

Tarras to Wanaka
35 km (21.7 mi)

Today was a nice short day, I like these, can't belive that many days in Australia were four times longer.

Spent a good part of the morning playing on the trampoline and cable zip swing thing. Made a little mini movie on the zip swing. Mornings are pretty cold now.

The ride to Wanaka was alright, just a nice Sunday morning. The only two songs in my head were the Velvet Underground's "Sunday Morning" (good) and that "What about me?" song (bad...thanks Steve Taylor :) )

We passed a German hitchhiker outside of town. "Fucking Bastards" he'd call the people in the caravans. I was going to get a clock picture of him but a car pulled up right after I had all the crap MCQ just took a picture of me with the clock instead.

Rolled into Wanaka, seems like a nice place. Kind of a cool town. We were gonna look for a backpackers and at one point we were going though town and MCQ said, "well, I dunno where we're going...." Right then a guy on the sidewalk said "What are you looking for?" Turns out the guy is named Robin and he runs a backpackers outside of town. The funny thing is that when we said we were from Portland, Oregon; he said, "Ahh, I used to live at 37th and Ash street 11 years ago." Small world. We made arrangements and soon headed there...after ice cream.

The place here is nice, it is basically a house and doesn't feel much like a hostel. There is only one other person staying here, an English girl named Stacy (Stacey?, Staci?). We talked with her awhile and then headed downtown to the cafe/cinema, Enimem's "8-mile" was playing.

The cinema was cool, there was a VW beetle inside the theater that you could sit in, I think it was just reserved for cute young girls that looked to be about 20 who MCQ thought were about 12. The movie was good. We are probably going to hang out here a day or two and then head out.


Tarras, NZ

leaving camp

Tarras, NZ

Tarras, NZ

me as the Polypropylene Ninja

Tarras, NZ

more ninja

Tarras, NZ

even more ninja!

Tarras, NZ

Haven't seen one of these since Applewood Park in Naches, Washington, USA

Tarras, NZ

they have a sand pit

Tarras, NZ

and a plastic rock climbing wall


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