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April 11th, 2003

Lake Ohau to Omarama
35 km (21.7 mi)

Woke up and made coffee. John soon came by. I noticed he didn't have his tools and stuff with him to help break the lock. Then MCQ said...ah, I was just joking...I found the key last night. he he. Turns out MCQ and I were camped pretty much in the middle of the locals daily walkpath. It didn't look like much of one, but indeed we were.

Got packed up and headed out. John was out on his morning walk and was going by when I reached the road. I biked along at 3km/hr while he walked. Pretty soon MCQ caught up and we bid goodbye to John and were on our way. The ride to Omarama was uneventful. Got to town and got a cabin. The German couple we met a few days ago is here also. I talked to the girl for awhile and mentioned how I met that really competive German guy I met in Australia.. I told her how this guy gave me a complete rundown of nearly every town he'd been though over the last 6,000km. She left and said that was "very German".

I went into the TV room at the caravan park to do something I don't do a TV. The news was on and these two little girls came in and sat down. They didn't say anything to me, just kept saying "I don't like the news, I don't want ot watch the news" to themselves over and over. I kept watching the news to annoy them since they were being unladylike. They left and two other kids came in and sat down, I told them I wasn't watching the TV and they could watch whatever was on the other channel (only two channels here). The kid asked where I was from. When I said America, he of course asked if I saw the WTC blow up...that seems to be the most common question from kids when they find out you are from the USA.

Spent the rest of the night working on the clock site. What a lot of typing for not really a whole lot going on...hope you enjoyed it.

Later that night


Lake Ohau, NZ


Lake Ohau, NZ

yummy breakfast that made me sick a bit later, I think it was MCQ's frying pan.

Lake Ohau, NZ

the ski area is about where the snow is at the top of the road there

Lake Ohau, NZ

Lake Ohau, NZ

leaving camp

Lake Ohau, NZ

John out on his walk

Lake Ohau, NZ

near Lake Ohau, NZ


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