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March 15th, 2003

around Mebourne, VIC
0 km (0.0 mi)

Woke up around 10am. Grubby said that Fleur who I briefly met in Perth came into my room last night to say hi, but I was asleep. She was on her way to the airport and dropped in to see if Grubby was home.

I worked on the travel site a little and then took the bus back to Steve and Katrina's. Later I went back to Grubby's. We were going to some sort of party/Terrorist themed ball. The party was alright, but I was a bit tired from not really resting in the past three I went out to the van and slept. We didn't get to bed until about 5 am.


Melbourne, VIC

Grubby's flatmate just bought this for 5 bucks at a yard sale

Melbourne, VIC

zoiks, can't belive someone would put their mouth on a chicken!

Melbourne, VIC

Grocery store as arty farty photo

Coburg, VIC

Melbourne area, VIC

going to the party

Melbourne area, VIC

Melbourne area, VIC

Melbourne area, VIC


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