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February 9th, 2003

e of Nundroo Roadhouse to a tin shack in Penong, SA
80.24 km (49.7 mi)

Got up late, got going late...

body was too tired to get going early. Ended up eating a mishmash of breakfast (not much food left) and didn't get going till 11:00am. The whole day basically drug along, had the wind in my face most of the day. Kind of hard to keep the spirts up in such a situation. The highway is so narrow that anytime I see a truck coming (once ever 5 minutes) I have to ride in the gravel (and try to not fall over). Flies were terrible today. Flies are attracted to smelly things and I do indeed smell smelly, so maybe that is it.

Rolled into Penong around 6pm. Turns out this is an actual town...looks like I'm done with the Nullabor. The store closed at 1:30pm, but it closed at 5:30pm on weekends so I wouldda missed out anyway. Went to the caravan park...ended up in probably the oddest but coolest caravan park accomodation I've ever been in. I'm in a tin carport building. It has a light bulb and a couple of power points to which I'm using to charge up this PC and all my AA batteries. Met some people in the kitchen area. Two are from the UK, the other from Australia. We ended up drinking beer and talking all night. (even got a clock photo). Glad I didn't decide to camp out in the bush tonight. So excited that tomorrow I'm gonna wash my sleeping would bew proud, it smells horrid.

Anyway, at least I found some nice people to talk to for the night, otherwise today would have been kind of a klunker of a day.


w of Penong, SA

wasn't there a John "Coorabie" that replaced Vince Neil in Motley Crue or something? (again, don't ask why I know this)

w of Penong, SA

huh huh

w of Penong, SA

w of Penong, SA

highway rolls on and on

w of Penong, SA


w of Penong, SA

cool, now I don't have to buy a map

w of Penong, SA

w of Penong, SA

wow, I haven't seen a speed limit sign like this in nearly two weeks of straight riding


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