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February 7th, 2002

St. Kilda
20 km (12.4 mi)

Made a journey to Melboune today. In January I put up a thing on the clock site saying that I was going to be in Melbourne soon. These guys Steve and Ross wrote me and asked me to drop by and get a couple clock pictures with them. Turns out Steve is just as big of a computer and snobby rock music nerd as me. Steve invited me his friend Danny's house who was having a dinner party. We got pretty wet in the rain on the way to Danny's. That was a lot of fun. Had a nice ride though the pouring rain back to the hostel, listening to X on the mp3 player.


St. Kilda, Victoria

St. Kilda, Victoria

all my crap

Melbourne, Victoria

downtown to go meet Steve and Ross who wrote me through the clock site.

Melbourne, Victoria

Ross, Steve, and Andrea

Melbourne, Victoria

Ross, Steve, and Andrea (and me too). I put this up on the clock site and someone wrote me and said "cool site, but Husker Du?". I think they might have been confusing the post-punk legends with the butt-rock legends Motley Crue.

Melbourne, Victoria

guy at the camera store

Melbourne, Victoria

cool record store downtown

Melbourne, Victoria


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