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February 6th, 2002

St. Kilda, Victoria
0 km (0.0 mi)

Spent the day doing a little bit of everything. Went to a cafe and ordered the biggest coffee I could get, which was almost 8 whole ounces.

Met this girl Kate at the hostel. She wanted to go take clock pictures, got a few good ones.


St. Kilda, Vic

doing geeky stuff at a bakery.

St. Kilda, Vic.

my first Mocha, I asked for the biggest coffee they had and this is what I got.

St. Kilda, Vic

St. Kilda, Vic

Beware of Cars, how true...

St. Kilda, Vic

at Olembia guesthouse, first clock photo with the cardboard sign. That is Rob there on the left. He is from England. He also knows that yellow on a CGA graphics card is color number 14, how cool!

St. Kilda, Vic

Kate of Toronto fame

St. Kilda, Vic

Luna Park, this is pretty famous.

St. Kilda, Vic

Kate and I were eating ice cream and this kid was wearing it. I asked the woman if she needed any help, she asked if I had a shower with me.


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