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February 5th, 2003

15km e of SA/WA border to 128km w of Nullabor Roadhouse
46.81 km (29.0 mi)

Woke up late and got going even later. Was excited to get out on the road, but that soon changed...major headwind. Pace was cut in half just about. Hard to keep the spirts and speed up with this much of a headwind. Had I been biking with someone else I might have had more motivation. AIt is really hard to think positive in a strong headwind. All that happens are bad thoughts. (like how that trucker yesterday asked me if I was related to "that George Bush."
I wasn't irked at the truckie, just irked that I can't get away from GW. Like most people down here though, I really hope he doesn't get his war, cugh, no more on him. This is supposed to be a happy site where everything is all happy and stuff)

After 20km I turned off the road and headed for the cliffs. These cliffs are amazing, Australia just "ends" here, no beaches or anything, just a giant cliff. I ended up taking a nap there for an hour or so.

Got going again hoping the wind wouldn't be as bad and I could be in a better mood...nope. The next 25km drug along. I had to keep watching my rearviewmirror for road trains. I couldn't hear them coming until the last few seconds because of the wind. At one point the wind knocked me off the road into the gravel, where my front wheel skidded and I fell back onto the road. Got my leg down in time so I didn't fall over.

Only real interesting thing that happneed today was when I saw two dingos. One looked at me and then trotted across the road, the other one soon following. Got some video of it.

Got to about the 45km mark and decided to call it a day. Maybe if I get an earlier start tomorrow the wind won't be as bad...and I'll be in a better mood.


e of WA/SA border

leaving camp

e of WA/SA border

ah yeah, quality SAP spokes

e of WA/SA border

Great Australian Bight...better not go any closer!

e of WA/SA border

the famouse Australian Bight, goes for a long long way just like this

e of WA/SA border

e of WA/SA border

e of WA/SA border

e of WA/SA border

one of the oddest compilation tapes I've found, ELP, Chuck Berry, Hank Williams sr., Bob Dylan, AND the Sex Pistols are all on this tape


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