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February 21st, 2002

Scottsdale to Bridport
13 km (8.1 mi)

Had a quick ride to the town of Bridport, although I had a very strong crosswind which blew me off the road a couple of times. I got to town and it was very windy. Staying in the crappy caravan park didn't sound too exciting, so I opted for the hostel so I could get out of the wind. Booked a ride on the ferry to Flinders Island. It is a 20 hour trip since it had to go to Georgetown to pick up several thousand gallons of fuel first. It wasn't leaving for a few days so I would get to spend a few days in Bridport. I later found out that there was a mail plane I could go on to Flinders only took a half hour. This didn't seem as fun as the ferry though.

Met Maree (hi!) at the hostel and she took us out to look at the wildlife near this creek.


Scottsdale, Tasmania


Scottsdale, Tasmania

Scottsdale, Tasmania

Scottsdale, Tasmania

on way to Bridport, Tas

on way to Bridport, Tas

on way to Bridport, Tas

Also a realllly fast Husker Du song

Bridport, Tasmania


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