Biking around Australia


February 1st, 2002

Portland, Oregon to Los, Angeles
0 km (0.0 mi)

Today we leave Portland! Spent the whole night getting stuff ready. Called down to the Olembia guest house in south Melbourne to book a room. Talked to Dave on the phone, who I later got a clock photo of a few days later.

It was a bit of chaos the last few hours before I left. My bike box was overweight so I had to split it into a second bag.

Said goodbye to my parents and was off. Met Mara on the plane who was going to Nepal. Could hardly stay awake at LAX, soon I was on the plane to Malaysia..


Portland, Oregon

Going to breakfast

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

there goes he bike...

Portland, Oregon

mom, dad, and I

Portland, Oregon

first clock photo of trip

over Oregon

Mt. Jefferson


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