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December 25th, 2002

Perth, WA
0 km (0.0 mi)

Christmas Day and I only took six pictures, how about that? We opened Christmas presents in the morning, Dave got me a flat tire fixing kit, I made him a few CD's. Most of today was spent going to "relly bashes".

We had Christmas lunch with Jessica's (Dave's mum) family. They asked me if I'd heard the jokes about hoop snakes and drop bears. They are both urban legends/jokes played on foreigners to keep them scared. A hoop snake is one that when it chases you down a hill, it rolls up into a hoop and rolls down the it can get to you faster. A drop bear is a one that drops out of the tree at random and attacks you...I think.

Later that night we ended up at house Graham's (Dave's pa) family. I got cookies as a present. Had a nice dinner and took a few clock pics to round out the night.

A great Christmas overall. (thanks Dave, Graham, and Jessica!)


Perth, WA

first he made movies such as "Sixteen Candles", now he is selling cars

Perth, WA

Christams dinner...

Perth, Australia

Perth, WA

a Holden is an Australian-made car.

Perth, Australia



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