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December 10th, 2002

Wanneroo to Perth, WA
27.6 km (17.1 mi)

Got up and packed stuff up. Got the clock picture that I mentioned last night, came out pretty well as you can see below.

It was pretty easy biking all the way into Perth for the most part. No real sketchy areas of traffic, I was able to take sidestreets the whole way into Northbridge. It must have been large rubbish day or somthing because several houses had stuff dumped out front. Found a lot of computer keyboards so I went though and stole all the keys, at least enough to make out

Found the Aberdeen hostel that Grubby stayed at. The guy at reception said "yeah there was another biker here awhile back...". It was in face Mr. Grub. Only $13.00 a night too. I was a busy bee, cleaning up, washing clothes, charging batteries, getting stuff ready to mail. Did some internet and checked out some of Perth, nice place.

Ran into Andy from Exmouth again. We made plans to meet up at night at the bar. I wanted to stay out even later and keep shooting the breeze, but after being up for 18 hours and riding part of the day...I was a bit tired.

Going to be staying with this couple Sam and Nadia, friends of my friend Hiram (hi Hiram). Hiram knew them in Alaska.


Wanneroo, WA

what's a "Bombie"? Like a cannonball?

Wanneroo, Western Australia

Wanneroo, WA

here we go again

Wanneroo, WA

but wait, a sidewalk!

Wanneroo, WA

found a ton of computer keyboards in rubbish piles, so I nicked keys off of them

Perth, WA

Perth, WA

Perth, WA

there is downtown Perth!


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