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November 22nd, 2002

s of Minilya Roadhouse to Carnarvon, WA
133.73 km (82.9 mi)

Today was a long day. I wanted to get to the post office before they closed since Maree sent me some stuff there. I rode really hard and didn't take much time off, only to get to the post office 20 minutes after they closed. Bummer.

Carnarvon will be the westernmost point in Australia I will get. Steep point is a bit further west, but it is way out of my way. It was really windy and I was quite tired. I rode around a little figuring out where I was going to stay. I went past the Carnarvon Backpackers' and saw Simon in the parking lot talking on his phone. Turns out he was in Coral Bay on the Tuesday that I was there, but didn't have a chance to email me due to his unfortunate circumstances of having to have a few beers with a cute dutch girl. If Simon is 30 and the girl was 19, that makes him 11 years older than her, way to go Simon!

Dunno yet if I'm going to take tomorrow off or keep going, I don't really seem to like this town too much, maybe it is the wind or that I'm pretty tired.


n of Carnarvon, WA

my camp from last night

n of Carnarvon, WA

red golalas(sp?) They are hard to get pictures of since they fly off quickly

n of Carnarvon, WA

Took me 1/2 hour to break the bolts off the hitch on this one

n of Carnarvon, WA

n of Carnarvon, WA

yay, I don't have one with red letters yet!

n of Carnarvon, WA

Pronounce that

n of Carnarvon, WA

Gascoyne River. This was huge, though quite dry.

Carnarvon, WA

dishy dish


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