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November 2nd, 2002

Port Hedland to 60k sw of PH, WA
73.2 km (45.4 mi)

I'm sitting here in a rest area listening to a car far away playing the Oak Ridge Boys, they just finished with the Best of Queen album.

Farted around the hostel a bit this morning. Had all my crap spread out so it took awhile to get it packed up. The tour bus (the same tour I thought about taking) ended up breaking down and the mechanic had to bring everyone back. Maybe it is good that I didn't choose to go. Didn't look like the tugboat guy was going to come by so I headed out.

On the way out of town I swung by the hostel where Simon was at...he is leaving tomorrow. I made my way out of Port Hedland....although I did have to crash into a curb at 5km/hr since I wasn't paying attention and reading a sign. Did't wipe out though.

About 30k out of town there was an Aboriginal couple pulled off to the side of the road. One yelled at me asking if I had a phone. I didn't but went over to their side of the road anyway and talked. They gave me a beer from the back and told me to lean my bike up against the car and rest. Most interesting part was this conversation between the couple:

p1: "I can't have meat today...I'm Catholic"
p2: "You are? I'm an Atheist"
p1: "No, you're an Asshole"

I chuckled...they tried their car again and it started. The guy gave me another beer and they drove off. I didn't drink the second beer, the first one was already making me feel poopy. I rode another 25k or so and called it a day at the camping/rest area. Been writing overdue emails for the last three hours, good thing I have 5 laptop batteries again!


Port Hedland, WA

at the hostel

Port Hedland, WA

where I'm at now

Port Hedland, WA

Port Hedland, WA

add an "i" in there and it totally changes meaning

Port Hedland, WA


Port Hedland, WA

Port Hedland, WA

Port Hedland, WA



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