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November 11th, 2002

s of Nanutarra Roadhouse to 30k e of Exmouth Turnoff
115.37 km (71.5 mi)

Akk bundled up as I write this, the wind is a bit cold. I actually have my stocking cap on. Just a week or two ago I was riding at night with my shirt off because it was so hot and humid.

Got up right before my alarm went off. Unlike previous attempts at getting up early, I actually sat up this time and fumbled about. I stared at the stars a bit and the fell back asleep. Last night I heard a car go past and then slow down. I heard a slapping sound and thought maybe the driver hit a snake...I was to lazy to get up and see, anyway.

Left Simon a "present" on the side of the road when I headed out....maybe he will see it. The morning was really long, pushing into a headwind for the first 4-5 hours. Eventually reached the turnoff to the coast, and that gave me a bit of a tailwind..suddenly my speed was double. Took a nap under a tree and pushed onward.

Broke a spoke on my new rear wheel, argh. I told them I wanted the heavy guage spokes when I was having the wheel built, but they put on normal ones.

Also realized that today I didn't speak to one single person, not by choice, but that is just the way it worked out. Nobody stopped to say hellow or see if I needed anything, weird.

Still dunno if I'm going to go up to Exmouth, it is 170k or so out of the way, but I do have a couple packages waiting there for me...and Grubby emailed me and told me he watched turtles humping on the beach, so maybe I should go.


sw of Nanutarra Roadhouse, WA

last nights' camp

sw of Nanutarra Roadhouse, WA

sw of Nanutarra Roadhouse, WA

gift for simon

sw of Nanutarra Roadhouse, WA

sw of Nanutarra Roadhouse, WA

I think this is #9

sw of Nanutarra Roadhouse, WA

sw of Nanutarra Roadhouse, WA

ohmygosh! I'm almost doing 17km/hr, I haven't done that for a few days!

sw of Nanutarra Roadhouse, WA

dad: "son, what do you want to do with your life"
kid: "dad, I wanna be a verge mower!"


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