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October 6th, 2002

60k n of Halls Creek to Halls Creek, WA
57.46 km (35.6 mi)

Had a pretty uneventful ride into Halls Creek. Passed a bunch of road construction workers who would have made a good clock photo. Oh well (they looked busy).

Got into Halls Creek...everything was pretty much closed since it was Sunday. The newest newspaper we could get was from four days ago.

Hung out at the caravan park and at the bar. Discovered you can just order beer by color. Greens are VB, reds are Emu, and blacks are Bundaberg rum and coke.

Probably going to take tomorrow off and write letters...and wait for Simon to get here so we can all ride together to Broome.


60k n of Halls Creek, WA

camp from last night

n of Halls Creek, WA

Grubby with his flat tire issue

n of Halls Creek, WA

Halls Creek, WA

checkin' out the Halls Creek scene

Halls Creek, WA

hmm, ok

Halls Creek, WA

These are one of those 21st century toilets.

Halls Creek, WA

The Aboriginal art really makes this a unique condom dispenser

Halls Creek, WA

"no drownings in 30 years"????


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