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October 30th, 2002

Sandfire Roadhouse to 45k e of Port Hedland
89.79 km (55.7 mi)

Was a little harder going today since there was a bit of a headwind and I was a bit tired from yesterday's long ride. Woke up late and rode until about 12:30pm. It was getting really hot and somewhat humid. I kept looking for a culvert that was larger in size and didn't have any dead animals nearby. Eventually I found one. Spent about 5 hours in there writing email, reading, eating, and sleeping. At one point I went to do a #2 in view of the road. To go to someplace out of view from the road would have been quite a no cars had came by. Just as I was wrapping things up, a car came. I know they saw me pulling my shorts up. So I did the only thing I could do, smile at them and wave really big.

Got going around sunset. Stopped at the railroad crossing to take a break and maybe get a nighttime photo of the train going by. The train did come by just as I was leaving. I was quite tired and made it another 10k or so before falling asleep and camping in the bush.


40k sw of Pardoo Roadhouse, WA

where I camped the previous night.

sw of Pardoo Roadhouse, WA

sw of Pardoo Roadhouse, WA

yay! My third number plate I've found.

sw of Pardoo Roadhouse, WA

and a cutting board! (did'n't keep made for a better frisbee)

sw of Pardoo Roadhouse, WA

normal temp at 10:00am, at least I can ride in it ok now.

east of Port Hedland, WA

sitting naked in the cool culvert (you gotta to to the pay version of to see the uncut!-uncensored! photos)

east of Port Hedland, WA

De Grey river

45k e of Port Hedland, WA

mining train crossing


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