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October 16th, 2002

e of Roebuck Roadhouse to Broome, WA
110.3 km (68.4 mi)

We got up and going a little late. It was getting hot and the ride into the Roebuck Roadhouse seemed a lot longer than it was. The last part up to the roadhouse was this hill that never seemed to end...and it wasn't even a steep one.

Spent awhile at the roadhouse eating and reading. We met some people heading into Broome and started talking to them. I told them about last night when we ran into Bucko and Mushy and their messed up car. The guy said "was it a yellow Datsun?.....we stole a fan belt off that car!".

Grub and I helped some Aboriginals get their car going. We spent about 20 minutes trying to get it push started. Eventually the guy took a bunch of duct tape off the steering column and the whole works dumped out. He fiddled with a couple wires. We gave it another push and the car started. He taped the whole works back into the steering column...thanked us and they all drove off.

We all rolled into Broome in the early evening and went to the bar. Drank a bunch of beer and I made my way to the hostel. Mail mail mail and mail! Maree mailed me some candy, puzzles and a book. Steve & Katrina mailed me cookies and 3 MP3 cd's of Australian music, MCQ in Portland mailed me a Lucky Lab t-shirt and new cleats, and Ron from Mackay mailed me some comfy Shimano more smelly feet.


e of Roebuck Roadhouse, WA

e of Roebuck Roadhouse, WA

found a number plate!

e of Roebuck Roadhouse, WA

e of Roebuck Roadhouse, WA

e of Roebuck Roadhouse, WA

bad place to rest

e of Roebuck Roadhouse, WA

e or Roebuck Roadhouse, WA

Roebuck Roadhouse, WA

will be going down that road in a week or so


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