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January 4th, 2003

Perth, WA
4.3 km (2.7 mi)

Yup, rode 4.3km today!

Woke up pretty late, about 10:30am...all this lack of sleep is finally catching up to me. Got the bike packed and loaded and everything squared away with the house. Went over to Nicks to get my stuff off his computer and help him with the webserver. Ended up not leaving till 6pm. Thought about biking to Fremantle and staying there. Went around in circles a bit trying to decide what to do since I was really antsy to get on the bike. I figured Sam, Nadia, and Aurora would be home soon and it would be good to see them again before I left. They came home about an hour later. Nadia smiled at me and I told her I was moving in. We talked for awhile then went to bed. I answered a ton of email that had been piling that was good. At least the bike is all loaded up for leaving in the morning.

There s probably a bunch of stuff I'm forgetting on the past two weeks entries since I wasn't good about keeping notes everyday. (So if I forgot anything Sam, Nadia, Aurora, Dave, etc. , write me and inform me of something I forgot)


Joondanna, WA

my stuff

Joondanna, WA

going away present from Dave!

Joondanna, WA

my poor Sonic Youth MP3 cd just didn't make it (this wasn't napstered either, I have the albums)

Joondanna, WA

Joondanna, WA

Joondanna, WA

bike all ready to go, it is sleeping in the kitchen tonight.


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