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January 28th, 2003

Condingup, WA
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Was up today and kinda slogging around. Thought about going today but Louise said something about all of us going to the beach...which sounded like fun. I went to get a second cup of coffee but Louise wouldn't let me since it was bad for me, I had to wait till before lunch. Doh!

We headed out to the beach in the early afternoon. It was a lot of fun, I bodyboarded for the first time. (thanks Abe!) I got dumped by a couple waves and the sand gave me a good burn on the back. It was a lot of fun being on top of a wave and riding the whole way in. I caught this large wave and Abe said I should have looked back, cause it was above me the whole time.

Gabby and Hannah were jumping up and down on the trampoline. They were singing "I love rock and roll", I thought that was kinda cool that they new the lyrics, then I remembered that they only know it via Britney. Now I feel old, I remember being in Bruno's Pizza Parlour, Yakima, WA in 1982 and hearing that song for the first time. I taught them some Ramones songs. I think Lousie might have been wondering what the heck I was teaching them since Hannah kept running around the house singing "Put me in a wheelchair, put me on a plane, hurry hurry hurry, before I go insane"

Louise, the three youngunss and I all went for an evening walk. Got back and I made a Husker Du CD for Abe, he seemed pretty happy about getting it.

I'm heading out tomorrow....


Condingup, WA

my Bob Mould/Husker Du CD needed to be reburnt, so off to the trash went this one (sniff)

Condingup, WA

gettting ready to go to the beach

near Condingup, WA

near Condingup, WA

Condingup, WA

took a zillion of these type photos

Condingup, WA

me and my new kid


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