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January 14th, 2003

Walpole to Denmark, WA
76 km (47.1 mi)

Just heard a radio interview where they were interviewing someone from Soap Lake in the Northwest US about a big lava lamp they are funny.

Got up early and went back into Walpole to get some food for today. Ran into the cafe guy again. Met a couple from Melbourne and got a clock picture with them.

Headed out of town towards the Valley of the Giants. This (obviously) is a place where there are a lot of big Tingle and Karri trees. There is a treetop walk in place there. I took the sideroad to it and reached the parking lot. It is a pretty busy place overall. As I was pushing my bike through the parking lot, I passed a family getting out of their car. Mom, Dad, and two boys about age 10. As I walked past I heard one of the kids looking at my bike and say "Stuff that!"

The treetop walk was kind of cool. Only supposed to be 20 people on a span at any given time, seemed to be a few people nervously counting before they got on.

Rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Just a nice ride into Denmark, except for a brutal headwind when I passed a farming area. Hung out in Denmark working on the travel site, then biked to Anthony's house about the time he got off work. Met up with him...good to see a familiar face again. Made plans to meet up with Sam and Nadia's friend Cynthia tomorrow.

Anthony took me out to a shack on some property he has out in the bush, kind of a cool shack and a crazy road to get to. Went and had a couple beers, then to a cafe that his parents just opened. Today was their first day of being open and it went pretty well from what I gathered. Had a nice dinner there and then we came home.


Walpole, WA

camping near the Shire works depot

Walpole, WA

but I didn't camp here

Walpole, WA

they are from Melbourne!

e of Walpole, WA

at the Valley of the Giants treetop walk

e of Walpole, WA

turn your head (to the right) and you can see the trees and platforms

e of Walpole, WA

it is a long way down

e of Walpole, WA

e of Walpole, WA


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