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January 12th, 2003

10km w of Pemberton to 35km nw of Walpole
75.3 km (46.7 mi)

Camped out in the bush tonight. Don't have the really tall trees around me (like I road though earlier) but it is still pretty nice. I'm camped on an (hopefully) unused road. A kangaroo just came bounding down the road and saw my headlamp...then headed off crashing into the bush.

Woke up a few times during the night change batteries over. Woke up in the morning and all my batteries (20 AA!) were charged and I barely remember it. The rain was coming down really hard at times, so it didn't look like I'd be going anywhere today. I ended up staying around the hostel waiting to see what the weather was going to do. Got a couple good clock pictures and some more photos of the resident roos.

I packed up and left the hostel around noon. Ride was mostly uneventful. There is this tall tree near Pemberton called the Gloucester Tree. There is a little lookout tower or something at the top. I shouldda gone yesterday. My whole point was that I was too lazy to ride the 6km out of the way cause it also would have included a huge hill climb. I figure this way I can tell people all about this great tree with a cool tower n Australia and when they ask if I went up in it...I can say no!.

Stopped in Northcliffe for takeaway food, then headed SE along this gravel/dirt road called the Cheseapeke Road. There were signs indicating that the road didn't go through and was closed. I kept biking anyway. As expected, the roads were blocked with a gate, but you would tell where the 4x4's drove around them through the bush. It was a really nice ride on the road....didn't see one car the entire time obviously. It passed between bushland and areas where a few huge trees remained. Stopped around 7:30pm around sunset.

Tomorrow I'll try and get to Denmark and see Anthony and Cynthia. Anthony I met up at the shack (around December 1st-4th). Cynthia I met though Sam and Nadia. I can't remember if I'm suppsed to ask where Anthony lives at the pub or at the tavern. I have it written down somewhere.


near Pemberton, WA

dreary morning, that is a rain tank in the foreground, it stores rain (that was really deep, man)

near Pemberton, WA

with Kangaroos!

near Pemberton, WA

near Pemberton, WA

near Pemberton, WA

look at my cute little roo paws holding food

near Pemberton, WA

I hold food too

near Pemberton, WA

I'm trying to be like that sheep on the Pearl Jam album cover

near Pemberton, WA


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